Explore The Finest Wildlife In The Top 3 National Parks Of Uganda

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  • Dec 29, 2022

The beautiful scenic nation of Uganda, known as The Pearl of Africa, draws a large number of tourists every year. Uganda National Parks are enthralled by its rich culture, diversity of people, exotic wildlife, and lush ecosystems.

The nation is home to some stunning national parks that are habitats for numerous plant, bird, and animal species you can explore on your Uganda Safari. There is a good possibility that one of these three Uganda National Parks has the kind of wild encounter you are hoping for.

The top 3 Uganda National Parks

Oldest National Park of UgandaQueen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park is the second-largest and most well-known conservation area in Uganda. It was created in 1954 and is located in western Uganda. The park was named the late Queen Elizabeth II of the Great Britain.

The park’s astounding biodiversity is primarily responsible for its attraction. Queen Elizabeth National park, is home to 95 different kinds of mammals, including chimpanzees, elephants, hippos, Lions, and Leopards.

Great news for birdwatchers as there are 500 different bird species in the park. Come get a view of the park’s volcanic features, such as its deep craters and volcanic cones.

Chimpanzee tracking in the Kyambura Gorge and seeing the rare tree-climbing lions that rest in the enormous fig and acacia trees in the Ishasha sector are two of the park’s distinctive wildlife encounters.

You can also enjoy a two-hour boat voyage down the Kazinga Channel with sightings of communities, wildlife and birds. The other highlights to look out for as you explore the park include salt mining at Lake Katwe evaporation pans.

There are different amenities offered including a telecenter, boat launches, park hotels, games, and beautiful drives.

Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park is an excellent place to go if you’re in the mood for a fun safari experience on an epic river Nile adventure. It is Uganda’s largest protected natural area spanning 3,840 square kilometers. It was founded in 1952, making it the oldest of the Uganda National Parks as well.

This park is a haven for birders and animal enthusiasts in addition to being known as the site of the thunderous Murchison Falls.

A rare shoebill stork and other endemics are among the 450 species of birds you can find here, while four of the Big Five are among the 76 species of mammals (all but the rhinoceros).

A unique game cruise on the Nile is a peaceful way to experience the park’s ever-changing terrain, despite the fact that game drives are the usual method of searching for wildlife here. The climb from the boat landing to the falls, which are visible from below and above, is not to be forgotten. Nor are the views of the water’s edge and up to the falls.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, despite being small (321 square kilometers), is extremely significant as the habitat to the world’s biggest population of critically endangered mountain gorillas.

Only about a third of the estimated 1,000 that are still living today are in the park. The rest are in the Virunga conservation area, which is shared by Rwanda and Congo.

Bwindi was established in 1991 as a protected area on the border of the Rift Valley in southwest Uganda as a part of the conservation effort to conserve the mountain gorillas. Three years later, UNESCO designated this part of the remaining forest as a natural World Heritage Site.

Bwindi is teeming with life in addition to the gorillas. In fact, it has one of the most diverse ecosystems in all of Africa, with 27 frog, gecko, and chameleon species, 310 butterfly species, 200 tree species, 88 moth species, and 350 bird species.

Bwindi’s inhabitants are likewise noteworthy. When the park was constructed, the native Batwa people were driven from their former homes. They now live in a nearby buffer zone, where they conduct cultural tours.

This is where they educate tourists about their long-standing hunting, hut-building, honey-harvesting, agricultural, and trapping customs and also perform traditional dance and music.


Uganda is blessed with a number of national parks giving it rich diversity when it comes to wildlife. At Gazelle Safaris Africa, we can help you organize one of the most rewarding Uganda Safari Holidays. Take a look at any of our Uganda Safari Packages available in a variety of price ranges.


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