Traveling To Uganda During Covid-19 Pandemic

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  • May 01, 2021
Uganda During Covid-19 Pandemic

Most people think travel is all about fun and enjoyment, however, it is mostly therapeutic. For this reason and many more, the world cannot remain under lockdown for much longer. Travel has to resume in a more responsible and sustainable manner this time around with all COVID-19 Safety Measures in place.

If you are planning to Travel To Uganda now or in the near future, we have compiled for you a detailed guide of what to expect and most importantly how to travel through Uganda during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

A Quick Look At COVID-19 Numbers As Of 24th April, 2021.

Confirmed Cases (Ugandans only): 40,751

Cumulative Ugandan Recoveries: 40,379

Samples Tested:  927,238

Masks Distributed: 24,997,096

Why Travel To Uganda During The Covid 19-Pandemic?

Corona Virus (COVID-19) may be new and completely out of hand but Uganda has been battle hardened after dealing with serious diseases like HIV/ AIDS, Cholera and Ebola among others.  HIV is still prevalent in Uganda but the country has put up a good fight to the point of getting international recognition for its relentless efforts. In the same light, Uganda has used its expertise to fight the spread of COVID-19.

Social Distancing; An African Safaris provides the right opportunity to travel while socially distancing as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

There Is No Quarantine On Arrival; when you Travel To Uganda, all you need is a negative PCR Test taken 72 hours prior to boarding the plane. On arrival, you can start your Uganda Safari right away!

Organic Food; Uganda is blessed with the most organic food, fruits and vegetables making it the food basket of East Africa. In order to fight or even prevent COVID-19, we are often advised to eat foods rich in VITAMIN C. While on your Uganda Safaris, you will be spoilt for choice. Get yourself a full dose of Vitamins with every meal or snack.

Airy Country Sides; the moment you drive out of the busy central business district(s), you will not need any air condition in your car or even room after you check in. With all this fresh air, lush green landscapes and social distance, Uganda should be on your list of countries to visit. Check out a link with Things To Do In Uganda.

Accessibility; Uganda may be a landlocked country but it is easily accessible. It can be entered through various land borders –especially if you are visiting several East African Destinations or through Entebbe International Airport. Uganda’s central location also means there are many flights connecting Uganda to the world.

All-Inclusive Destination; In the words of Sir Winston Churchill, Uganda is indeed the pearl of Africa. Destination Uganda gives you a chance to have a Big5 Safaris in its various national Parks and reserves. Unlike other destinations, one does not need to travel outside the country to do a Gorilla Safaris. Uganda is blessed to have Lake Victoria one of the biggest fresh water lakes in Africa. Lake Victoria is also the source of River Nile which is not only famous for its thrilling water sports but also for Fishing Safaris. A discussion about Uganda is not complete without mentioning the mountains of the moon or Mountain Rwenzori. Hiking to its snowcapped peak is what dreams are made of. Therefore make it a point to book a Uganda Hiking Safari.

Oh did we almost forget Uganda Birding Safaris, no we simply saved the best for last. Uganda is one of the top birding destinations in Africa, with over 1050 bird species in protected areas alone almost the same number as Europe keeps. In fact, Uganda is home to a bigger variety of bird species than any other country in Africa. If you need more inspiration or a first time traveler to Uganda, please check out our Uganda Travel Guide.

Entry Restrictions Into Uganda

All international arrivals will be required to meet the following guidelines on arrival at Entebbe International Airport;

Possession of an authentic negative Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)  COVID-19 test from an accredited        laboratory in the country of origin issued within 72 hours before boarding aircraft In-bound to Uganda.

Airline(s) shall   not   board   any   passenger Travelling To Uganda without    a negative COVID-19 PCR test. An arriving  passenger without the  negative   COVID-19   PCR  test shall  be  denied  entry  and  the Airline  shall be  obliged  to  take  back  the  passenger.   In the unlikely event that a returning Ugandan comes   without   COVID-19    PCR test,   they will be allowed to enter the country, but shall have the test done at their cost of $65 and quarantined at own  cost  till  the  results  are released.

A passenger     who    exhibits     signs    and symptoms of an infectious disease shall be transported   in an ambulance   to an isolation center (Entebbe Referral   Hospital) for   a COVID-19 test. The results shall be returned within 24-48 hours as the passenger remains in the isolation center.

In case  a foreign  national  tests  COVID-19 positive   and  wishes   to  be  repatriated   for treatment  in another  facility outside  Uganda, this  shall  this  shall  be  done   at  their  cost  following COVID-19  medical  evacuation  protocols.

Passengers will be subjected to temperature screening on entry to the arrival hall.

All   passengers    will   be screened    for any other signs of infectious diseases by the Port Health Team.

 Passengers shall scan fingerprints under the instruction of the Immigration Officer, but will be required to hand sanitize before and after.

Entry Restrictions In The Wildlife Parks And Resorts

Uganda Wildlife Authority shall provide hand washing/sanitization facilities at the entrances of all its premises and protected areas. All persons, including tourists and researchers accessing the protected areas shall wash and or use an alcohol based hand sanitizers (containing at least 60% alcohol) at all entry points.

All staff, tourists, researchers, research assistants and other categories of visitors, shall, at all times correctly and consistently wear the recommended masks prescribed by the Ministry of Health. The mask shall cover the nose and mouth at all times when in use.

All tourists and researchers shall come with their own masks and correctly and consistently wear them as prescribed by Ministry of Health. Gazelle Safaris Africa, will also provide you with masks.

Tourists and researchers to Bwindi Impenetrable, Mgahinga Gorilla and Kibale and Kyambura Wildlife Reserve shall be required to wear N95 masks, surgical masks or cloth masks with filters.

Tourists with disposable masks such as the N95 and surgical masks shall be required to carry at least two (02) or more masks to ensure single use for each day of visitation.

It is mandatory for all tourists going for primate tracking activities to carry at least two N95 masks or surgical masks or double layered cloth masks with filters.

Visitors  without  masks  or  those  who  do  not  abide  by  the  handwashing  and sanitization measures shall not be permitted to enter protected areas.

Uganda Wildlife Authority staff shall use non-contact infrared thermometers to conduct body temperature screening of all visitors at the tourism gates of the various protected areas.

Visitors with temperatures body above 37.5 degrees Celsius shall be denied entry into the protected areas and shall be reported to the respective district medical teams through the mechanisms set by Ministry of Health.

International tourists shall be required to provide proof that they have undergone the necessary COVID-19 tests and a copy of PCR Test shown for clearance.

All common areas with heavy tourist contacts shall be disinfected at least thrice a day – before, during and after visiting hours. These include information counters, service desks, waiting areas, park offices and toilets.

Testing For Covid- 19 After Your Safari

All Passengers will be required to meet the following guidelines prior to departure.

Present authentic and valid COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)     test certificate issued within 120 hours before travel.

Always wear a face mask appropriately   within the terminal.

Passengers and airport users will be subjected to temperature screening on entry to the airport and departure hall.

In special circumstances   where passengers are not required to present a negative COVID-19.

PCR test certificate in the country of destination, such passengers should ensure that they have clearance from the destination country so as to be allowed to board.

Maintain a social distance of 1.5 meters apart from each other within the terminal.

Only passengers and Airport users with official business in the terminal will be allowed access to the Airport.

Passengers are advised to arrive at the airport at least 4 hours before scheduled flights.

Airport users are encouraged   to sanitize after touching surfaces or documents.

A Rapid Antigen test taken 24 hours prior to boarding is needed for passengers transiting through Amsterdam.

At Gazelle Safaris Africa we shall ensure that we take you to an authorized COVID-19 Laboratory before your travel date. The price for the test varies depending on how fast you need the results. Price is from $65 per person,

Keeping Safe During Your Uganda Safari

Even prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the health and safety of our clients while on their African Safaris was a big priority to us. When you book your African Safari with Gazelle Safaris Africa, we cover you with AMREF for emergency medical repatriation in case of sickness and injury during Safari. This does not cover COVID-19 so we advise you to take up extra protection.

We also have some measures in place to ensure your safety.

On arrival, all our guests will be briefed on how to best keep safe during the course of the safari.

Use of disposable headrest covers which are replaced after each trip.

Every morning before heading out, your guide will take your body temperature with a temperature gun and also record your body temperature for the duration of your trip.

Community interactions are done fully masked and socially distanced.

We ensure that our tour vans and transfer vehicles are properly cleaned and sanitized before, during and after each trip/ transfers.

We also endeavor to provide  packed  lunches  for  long  drives  to  avoid  stop-overs especially if we don’t have a trusted partner along the route.

Our safari Staff while serving food and drinks shall observe the guidelines similar to catering and accommodation facilities provided herein.

In the future we hope to have vehicle air-conditioners modified to include air purifiers where applicable, which will reduce the ability of the virus circulating inside the vehicle especially for larger and luxury vehicles.

We encourage open windows when weather permits, to allow air circulation.

We are currently limiting the number of staff accompanying guests in every trip.

We also provide face masks, hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial wipes, tissues facial and lots of drinking water to endure our guests stay hydrated while on the road.

For more details, please check out our COVID-19 Health & Safety Policy.

Change In Travel Plans During Covid-19 Pandemic

A year into the pandemic, uncertainty still looms and it is hard to know with precision if your travel plans are solid until you are on a flight to your desired destination. We completely understand exactly how you feel and for that particular reason, our booking and cancellation policy is now more flexible than ever before.

See our updated Terms & Conditions for more information. Better still Contact Us for a lengthy discussion.

Vaccination Drive For Covid -19

There is always a ray of light even on cloudy days. There is an ongoing vaccination drive in Uganda at the moment. The goal is to vaccinate at least 70% of the population. At the moment, front liners, teachers, the elderly, soldiers and hospitality professionals are some of the target groups. This is a clear sign that the end could be in sight.

We leave you with one of our favourite life Hacks.

“Always have a future trip planned so that you have something to look forward to” ~ Anonymous.

Would you like to plan your trip to Uganda? Contact Us Now.

Not sure? Then look for Travel Inspiration.


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