When Is The Best Time To Visit Uganda?

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  • May 31, 2022

Uganda Safari regarded as a year-round activity, the Best Time To Visit Uganda for gorilla trekking is during the country’s two dry seasons: January and February and from June to September.

Uganda was named “the pearl of Africa” by Winston Churchill because of its beauty ranging from the ever green vegetation, the amazing land scape, game both big and small found on land and in water, a variety of stunning birdlife In In his book “ My African Journey” written in 1908, he stated Nowhere in Africa will money go so far….. Uganda is end to end a beautiful garden where staple food of the people grows fast without labour. Before advising his readers to concentrate on Uganda he also stated “For magnifence, for variety of form and color, for profusion or brilliant bird-life, insect reptile, beast -for vast scale- Uganda Is Truly The Pearl Of Africa.”

Uganda has 53.9% of the world’s bird population not forgetting the endangered mountain gorillas, welcoming local people, the culture and the yummy organic food. It is therefore safe to say that Uganda is one of the top tourism destinations in Africa.

Uganda is gifted with Equatorial climate and a favorable weather with two dry seasons through the year. This is between June and September, December and February. Visiting Uganda during the dry season will give you a greater opportunity to visit any other East African countries of your choice. This will help you achieve a wider range of memorable experiences in a single travel.

Despite the fact that June – September and December – February are the known dry season months, we can still receive some rain in those months at any time. Please note that some roads can be tough to navigate during the wet months of March, April, May and November. This has been addressed by the wide spread infrastructural upgrades around Uganda making it easy to reach even the remotest areas of the country. Therefore it is safe to say that Uganda is an all year round destination. Book your Uganda Safari today.

The Pearl of Africa’s attractions are out doors and most of them are in remote areas. For one to enjoy each bit of this extraordinary experience must be during the dry season. This is when you can easily rub shoulder to shoulder with giant apes, and also come up close to flora and fauna. Since most the attractions are in remote areas the roads are easily passable without any difficulties during the dry season. Going for a community walk is also more astonishing as you get the chance to engage in the day to day activities of the locals especially during the dry season.

Whatever the Best Time To Visit Uganda, you can look forward to an unforgettable wilderness experience and a wonderful introduction to the natural wonders of Uganda.Gazelle Safaris Africa is an African Tour Operator organizing tours in East  and Southern Africa. This includes Uganda, the Pearl of Africa! If you’d like to go on an organized group trip to this East African nation, or want to plan a bespoke private trip, please take a look at our suggested Uganda Safari Packagesand get in touch! We’d love to chat and plan your next adventure with you.


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