Amabere Ga Nyinamwiru

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  • Oct 25, 2022

The chambers of these ancient caves made of solid lava ash are cool and educational to walk through. It is a great place to learn about the scientific formation of bristling stalactites hanging from the rocks overhead, and stalagmites surging up from the ground. It isn’t that huge and the tour will be done in about 30 minutes.

Once you go down the first flight of steps into the cave, you will see a beautiful waterfall and feel its cold breeze which is tolerable.  When its water reacts with calcium carbonate, it produces a milky substance that drips from the “tits” of rock formations. They truly resemble breasts.

Some of the caves have very low ceiling heights. To get through, you will crawl if you are very tall. If you are of moderate height, you can just bend forward and walk through. Some parts of the cave are dark and wet due to the constant dripping of water, so make sure you bring suitable hiking shoes and walk slowly.

From here, you can trek to Nyakasura Hill for views of three separate crater lakes and a stop at the location of a gigantic foot thought to have belonged to one of the last giants of the Batembuzi dynasty.

You are free to walk around the cave for as long as you like as you discover rocks shaped like the breasts of humans, cows, goats, and dogs. If you look at the rock formations keenly, you are likely to see weird and wonderful faces in the dry walls, which is quite an experience.

When you exit, you will see how the cave is located under a tall jungle.

Historical Perspective

From a historical perspective, this site is a legendary attraction with links to the ancient Chwezi dynasty.Locals call it Amebere Ga Nyina Mwiru, meaning the breasts of Nyina Mwiru. These rocks, which create picturesque caves with streams of water generating cool waterfalls above them, have a rich cultural history tied to them that is interesting to culture fans.

The Batoro, a tribe that inhabits this region, have a strong religious attachment to these caverns and a fascinating narrative that has been passed down through the generations concerning them. The caverns were given the name Amabere Ga Nyinamwiru, which roughly translates to “Breasts of Nyinamwiru” after Nyinamwiru, the daughter of King Bukuku.

According to historical stories, the “breasts” were cut off from the chest of a beautiful mutooro girl called Nyinamwiru. This followed the orders of her father King Bukuku of Toro, a decision based on a prophecy that she would one day get married and have a son, Ndahura, who would kill the king and take over his throne.

King Bukuku was one of the ancient Kings of the Batembuzi Dynasty who ruled at the time and were revered as demigods by their people due to their propensity to periodically vanish underground. The princess was a stunning young woman with a fiery disposition.

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