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  • Mar 15, 2022
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Rwanda officially opened its land borders with Uganda on 7th March, 2022 after a closure of three years. In the spirit of moving forward, we shall not talk about the reasons why the land boarders remained closed for this long.

I watched a short video where a group of people were cheering on the bus driver, others crying tears of joy as the first commuter bus (Volcano) entered Rwanda from Uganda.   I was overwhelmed with joy knowing firsthand the effect (s) of this boarder closure to Boarder communities, businesses and tourism stakeholders not mentioning families that were separated by this closure.

Opening the boarders is especially good news for tourism stake holders, tourists, transport providers and local communities that thrive from the informal trade around the different land boarders.  

Gatuna Border Post

Rwanda and Uganda are both important to each other’s existence because they share the Virunga mountain ranges home to the endangered mountain gorillas. On the other side of the volcanoes, DRC has some low land gorillas in Virunga National Park.  Therefore for this and many more reasons, there should be freedom of movement between these three countries to enable quick and easy access for tourists and other businesses.

What does the re-opening Rwanda and boarders mean for tourism?

Multi- Country tours

The boarder opening makes multi- country tours easier.  Clients can now connect seamlessly from Kenya – Uganda- Rwanda –DRC and Burundi without worries. The pandemic and subsequent lock downs increased wanderlust among many travel enthusiasts. This hunger can only be fed by long safaris and diverse cultural experiences in far places. Buy some of our bestselling Multicounty tours and lock in great offers.

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Cheaper Gorilla Tours

It is cheaper and easier to book a gorilla tour for a client arriving through Kigali International Airport. The journey time from Kigali to Bwindi is approximately 4 hours (depending on the sector) whereas it takes approximately 10 hours to drive from Entebbe International Airport by road. Arriving through Kigali saves time and money and departing through Entebbe enhances the whole safari experience.

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Combo- Trips

Open boarders give tourists a chance to combining Low land & Mountain gorillas. They say great things come in bundles so ow about combining the Mountain Gorillas with Low land Gorillas? Cure your curiosity and find out what makes them different or rather what similarities they have. Tick gorillas off your bucket list once and for all.

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East Africa Tourism Visa.

Take advantage of a 90 day visa that allows multi entry for tourists to Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. With this visa you ca explore East Africa at your pace. The East Africa Visa offers great value for money. It costs only $100 for multiple entries to 3 countries compared to the ordinary 30 day tourist visa at $50 which offers ingle entry to just one country.

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See more, do more.

We are big advocates of slow travel and sustainable tourism. Travel slowly, take time to connect with the locals and learn their cultures because we believe that each trip is meant to educate and touch lives positively while preserving the environment. Travel slowly, ride a bike, make a boat trip and explore like a local.

Travelers may be subjected to Random COVID-19 by the Ministry of Health upon entry in Rwanda

Arriving and departing passengers at Kigali international Airport must present a negative Covid-19 test result taken 72 hours prior to departure. All departing Rwandans must be vaccinated.

Bars, Live bands, night clubs, receptions and other entertainment activities shall have a night curfew of 2 am. Business owners must ensure that all their workers are fully vaccinated.


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