The Ultimate South Africa Travel Guide - Do’s and Dont’s

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  • Dec 03, 2022
The Ultimate South Africa Travel Guide - Do’s and Dont’s

Naturally, as you prepare to go to a new destination, it is always important to be aware of any do’s and dont’s to avoid getting into any trouble. But to also enjoy the most out of your trip. South Africa Destinations are one of the most popular for tourists as the country is quite unique with some of the friendliest people on the continent.

With these few straightforward dos and don’ts from our South Africa travel guide, you’ll soon be having the vacation of a lifetime.


Here is a list of things that, if you’re not careful, could cause trouble for you while you’re travelling.

Don’t Flaunt Valuable Items

Be cautious when handling gadgets and expensive jewelry. Do not flaunt them wherever you go or take them with you unless it’s necessary. You risk losing your belongings in some of the notoriously dangerous neighborhoods.

Double-check that the vehicle is locked if you are renting it, and never leave valuables or belongings unattended. Make sure you always have your vital documents with you.

Don’t Stroll Around Unknown Areas


Again, this is frequently wise counsel for visiting any new place, not just South Africa. Avoid taking the chance of exploring a place if you are unsure of its safety. The staff at a hotel should be able to advise you on which places are safe and which ones you should avoid. As an alternative, select a guided tour.

Avoid idly wandering through towns or cities; be conscious of both your current location and your destination. Avoid unsafe neighborhoods at all times. Additionally, no matter how intrigued you are, avoid going near an angry crowd or a demonstration if you happen to hear them. That is your cue to immediately leave.

Don’t Get Too Close To The Wildlife In A Game Park/Reserve

It may seem obvious but you’d be astonished at how many people are willing to get into close contact with wildlife while on safari. Although it seems pleasant and joyful, that elephant may destroy your car, and those baboons aren’t as playful as they appear to be. In conclusion? Recognize that wildlife is natural and treat it with respect.

However, under the watchful eye of a travel guide, you can make attempts to forge a friendship with the animals.

Don’t limit your trip to only the top South Africa Destinations

There’s no denying why major cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg are the subject of so much hype: it’s simple to get sucked in. Nevertheless, the nation is home to a number of undiscovered jewels that are all well worth a visit.

Some of these hidden gems include the Akasha Mountain retreat that guarantees breathtaking views of the mountaintops and lush green hills, Matjiesfontein, The Owl House, and more.

Don’t forget to tip

In South Africa, there is a tradition of tipping, and it is customary to add at least 10% of your tab. This restriction is applicable to eateries, coffee shops, and even bars. Additionally, leaving a gratuity when getting your hair washed at a salon is considered nice.


Learn The Travel Requirements

Carry out research on the necessary travel documents, such as visas and immunizations. Since they are subject to constant modification, it is usually preferable to get these from your travel advisor.

For instance, during the COVID pandemic, several limitations were much more stringent than they would have been under normal circumstances, but most of these have already been lifted in South Africa. To learn more Visa information, click here.

Shop Locally

With designer shops and worldwide brands, South Africa offers several remarkable malls. But South Africa also boasts skilled artisans whose goods may be bought at markets, roadside stands, and little shops all throughout the country.

Be sure to check out some locally made goods in the shops lining trendy Kloof Street or The Old Biscuit Mill in Cape Town instead of spending your money at the malls, or wander 44 Stanley in Johannesburg to find a few mementos.

Get a Taste Of The Amazing Food And Wine

Amazing food can be found in South Africa, especially fresh meat and seafood. The unique combination of numerous outside cultural elements that makes up South African cuisine is unmatched.

These include flavors and cooking methods from the Netherlands, France, India, and Malaysia that continue to appear on restaurant menus and in residents’ kitchens around the nation.

Get Travel Insurance

This advice is less specifically about South Africa but applies to travel anywhere in the world, regardless of how safe it might seem. Travel insurance that covers everything is necessary. Whether or not you use it, you’ll appreciate the assurance it offers.

Make sure your travel insurance covers extreme sports if you intend to experience some adventure when travelling in South Africa.

Since most tourists to this country in Africa come from a distance, it is always a good idea to make sure you have insurance to cover any travel delays and unplanned hospital visits.


We hope this article is helpful, especially for a first-time visitor to the “Rainbow Nation” in search of an unforgettable experience. For the greatest South Africa Destinations available, head over to Gazelle Safaris Africa right away. Our South Africa Travel Guide will provide you with all the details required to make your own travel arrangements.


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