Best Time to Visit Tanzania in March: Plan for A Vacation in Tanzania Safaris in 2022

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  • Oct 06, 2022

Before you make your trip, you might be wondering what is the Best Time To Visit Tanzania. This East African country is famous for its wildlife safaris and the tallest active volcano. It is a place filled with the treasures of nature, from the rarest creatures and birds to the most precious gemstones that can only find in Tanzania.

The country is close to the equator, which gives it unique weather patterns to be wholly distinctive from those of the rest of the world. Comparing Tanzania in March to the peak of mountain climbing in October, both seasons are equally beautiful.

Tanzania doesn’t have a spring season in March, but there are still a few intriguing things to do to make the month an exciting break.

What Are The Best Months To Visit Tanzania?

The long dry season, which lasts from July through September, is the Best Time To Visit Tanzania. The Great Migration, treks, safaris, and Zanzibar beach vacations are all at their best during these months.

Of course, this time of year is prime travel time. There will be more people, and some lodges, motels, and parks will charge more.

Consider traveling during the short rainy season from the end of October to December if you want a more private experience.

Visiting Tanzania In March

In contrast to other nations, Tanzania’s climate is primarily divided into the wet/rainy and dry seasons. Tanzania has two wet seasons: November to December and March to May. Tanzania experiences typical March daytime temperatures of 30°C and 20°C at night.

Visitors should prepare for significant rainfall as the month’s second half approaches. This time of year, humidity levels are exceptionally high. Early morning showers make it possible for the afternoons to be relatively sunny and ideal for safaris to see wildlife.

You should avoid traveling during the long rainy season, which lasts from March through May. Since the rains are frequently heavy and unexpected, plans may need to be changed at the last minute.

The weather is still scorching in March as the migration moves westward toward the Grumeti River.

The best time to go hiking, on a safari, or to the beach is still at the beginning of the month. As Tanzania enters its long rainy season, there is a greater likelihood of rain toward the end of the month.

Other places to visit in March in Tanzania

Despite being partly rainy, the month of March doesn’t run short of destinations that you can visit in Tanzania. Besides witnessing the wildebeest migration, you can also see these places;

  • Ngorongoro Crater Highlands
  • Nyama Choma Festival
  • Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Zanzibar Islands


I hope this article gives enough insight into the Best Time To Visit Tanzania, and places to visit especially around March. Book a personalized Tanzania holiday package with Gazelle Safaris Africa today to visit any of these intriguing sites and satisfy your thirst for adventure. Explore the Tanzania Travel Guide to learn more about the top places to visit in Tanzania.


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