Bush Breakfast In Murchison Falls National Park Or Queen Elizabeth National Park

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  • Aug 08, 2022

Looking for a fulfilling outdoor culinary encounter that blends modern dining with old ways in the middle of the bush, we can make that dream come true. Explore Murchison falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park or Lake Mburo National Park for a bush breakfast experience. A visit to Uganda Safaris in the Murchison Falls National Park will not be complete without this unique & classic game safari bush breakfast.

All the Uganda Accommodations we partner with in these parks are in the middle of wild untamed settings. They have beautiful sceneries along river banks with hippos and crocodiles. You can also enjoy jungles where a variety of herbivores hang out, inclusive of elephants, giraffes, and buffaloes.

This presence of animals in the background adds a fanciful touch to the morning feast. It is family-friendly because there is plenty of space for little ones to wander. Besides, your table will be set at a safe distance from the animals. The cosy nature of the experience further makes it suitable for couples or a group of friends.

The surrounding atmosphere is so relaxing and beautified with sweet songs of birds dwelling in the nearby trees/jungle. Take time to let your eyes wander along the trail that leads to the natural bush setting by the riverside- you will get a rejuvenating feeling of being out in nature!

The experience is authentic and lots of farm-fresh fruits make a re-appearance on the menu. This variety of dishes makes it an unforgettable treat that you can’t miss trying out.

The chef prides on providing a well-thought-out menu each day to cater for both meat lovers and vegetarians. Gluten-free options are available and complete with lots of tasty Ugandan coffee, tea and cakes.

You will also be blown away by the amazing help from the waiters catering for your morning. They will deliver all the yummy goodies to your table, everything clearly labelled.

After breakfast, the guests do another safari drive on their way back to the lodge. Experience Uganda Destinations, experience Bush Breakfast with Gazelle Safaris Africa today!

What else would a breakfast lover want? A piece of your heart will stay here.


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