What You Must Know Before Planning Your Uganda Safari

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  • Dec 28, 2022
Uganda Safari

Uganda is increasingly becoming a top travel destination in East Africa with a growing number of tourists visiting each year. It’s not surprising that you’re considering it for your upcoming vacation, and you need tried-and-true methods to organize a Uganda Safari that is effective in this scenic country.

Wherever you see it, the “Pearl of Africa,” as enthusiasts would refer to it, is nothing short of breathtakingly beautiful. An Uganda Safaris trip will take you on an adventure where you’ll see some of the greenest areas in all of Africa. These range from the eastern Elgon Mountains, Lake Victoria to the snow-covered “Mountains of the Moon.”

Now is the perfect time to organize your first safari vacation adventure if you haven’t yet discovered the “Pearl of Africa.” Even those who have visited before are more likely to be eager to return.

Some Things to Know As You Plan For Your Uganda Safari

Uganda Safari
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There are four primary ethnic groups in Uganda, and each has a unique origin story. The Bantu, Nilotics, Nilo Hamites, and Hamites are among them. The tribes of Buganda, Banyankole, Basoga, Bakiga, Batoro, Banyoro, Banyarwanda, Bagisu, Bagwere, and Bakonjo are among the Bantu, which is by far the largest group.

The nation is home to more than 50 distinct tribes, each of which has its unique language. Nevertheless, Uganda’s official languages are Swahili and English, which dates back to the colonial era. Ugandan Sign Language is also one of many languages that exist.

A number of additional languages, such as Lango, Acholi, Runyoro, Runyankole, Rukiga, Luo, and Lusoga, are also spoken in the nation, in addition to the most widely spoken language, Luganda.

Places to Visit on a Uganda Safari

Gorilla trekking is one of the most highly rated experiences in Uganda which you can do in Bwindi National Park. Another fantastic activity in Uganda is chimpanzee trekking, and if you love animals, you must see the lions that climb trees. Although it is a relatively uncommon occurrence, Queen Elizabeth National Park is the place to view them.

In addition to the amazing wildlife, there are some incredible waterfalls to explore. The Sipi Falls are a little more off the beaten path and are a popular stop on tours to the Murchison Falls. Visit the city of Jinja, where you can find the source of the Nile.

Other amazing Uganda Destinations include Lake Bunyonyi, Lake Mburo National Park and Kidepo Valley National Park.

Best Time To Travel For a Uganda Safari

Uganda welcomes visitors all year long! The dry season, which lasts from June to August and from December to February, is the ideal time to go on a Safari In Uganda. Wildlife is easier to spot when the weather is drier.

The peak travel period is from June to September, yet it never feels overly congested. There isn’t really a busy time of year to visit Uganda. Uganda is most difficult to visit in March, April, and May. The wet season might make getting about a little more challenging. Roads and hiking routes may not be in good shape.

The Cuisine

Matooke (cooked bananas), cassava, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, tomatoes, cabbage, and a ground nuts sauce paste are some of the common local foods. This is an example of a typical local dinner in Uganda, which you should taste at a nearby eatery. When tourists visit and sample their cuisine, the locals are thrilled.

Don’t leave Uganda without tasting its most popular street snack, the Rolex. And no, it is not a watch. The Rolex is made from rolled eggs inside a chapatti with vegetables. You can buy it almost anywhere as it is prepared along the street.

The Currency

Uganda Currency

The Shilling is the local currency in Uganda. Here, cash is still king and cashless payments are not as common though steadily on the rise. However, you can now pay with credit cards as well as USD, EUR, and GBP at the majority of larger hotels, lodges, and even in the Uganda National Parks.

There is no need to bring large sums of money from Uganda when paying. On your travel to Uganda, make sure you always have Uganda Shillings (UGX) on you. To help the Ugandan community, try to patronize local businesses and provide tips for appreciation.


Motorbikes (boda – bodas) are the primary form of transportation for locals in Uganda. This is because of the convenience they display and how fast they are through traffic. Travelling on a motorcycle in Uganda can be quite an adventure!

If you’re looking for a secure mode of transportation, we’d strongly advise using one of the taxi apps. Uber is undoubtedly the most popular among travelers, although bolt is also available in Uganda.

However, don’t expect to find an Uber or Blot in Uganda if you venture off the usual path; these services are only available within the city and its close surrounding areas.


Uganda is typically regarded as a safe nation with low levels of crime. Simply avoid driving at night outside large towns. One should have little trouble travelling in Uganda as long as they are cautious at all times, take good care of their stuff, and pay attention to their surroundings.


We hope this answers the majority of the queries you might have about travelling to Uganda. Visit the Gazelle Safaris Africa for a range of Uganda Safari packages, among other adventures. What else are you waiting for? Come along as we embark on one of the most rewarding safaris in Uganda.


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