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African Travel Guide

African Destinations; there is nowhere like it on the planet. An African safari offers a multitude of amazing destinations including Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa, and DRC. Here is a comprehensive African Travel Guide to help you plan the best African safari Tours.

TOP African Safari Activities

  • Game Drives
  • Walking Safaris & Trekking
  • Riding Safaris (Horses, Elephants, Camels)
  • Species-specific interest safari
  • Cultural Experiences and Community Lodges
  • Water-based safaris
  • Africa from the air
  • Watersports, Fishing, Diving, and Snorkelling
  • Adrenalin Sports and Adventure Activities

Tanzania Safari Tours

Tanzania Safari

TheTanzania Safari offers a unique opportunity to experience unappalled game viewing, dazzling tropical beaches, and of course the majestic Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Tanzania Destinations

Home of the great wildebeest migration, Tanzania Safari Destinations gives you the opportunity to enjoy the boundless vistas of Serengeti to the massive diversity of life in Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater, and Tarangire; witness the great game of survival. Truly, there’s nothing quite like it on earth.

Best Time to Visit Tanzania Safari

Tanzania is a massive country with a diverse climate and weather. Generally, the dry seasons from late June to October are considered the Best Time to Visit Tanzania. Also, August and November are the perfect time to catch Wildebeest Migration in Tanzania.

Tanzania At A Glance

Tanzania at a Glance is a massive country with a population of over 48.3 million, situated on the banks of the Indian Ocean, between Mozambique and Kenya.

Practical Information For Tanzania

Before taking on Tanzania Holidays, it is vital to gather all Practical information for Tanzania. Tanzania has a unique culture with diverse religions and languages. Also, it is imperative you learn all about Tanzania Visa requirements and currency details before traveling to the country.

Tanzania National Parks

With 16 national parks and 15 other conservation areas and game reserves that are 25% of the total of Tanzania, Tanzania’s national parks and game reserves provide unforgettable destinations for wildlife viewing amidst some spectacular sceneries.

Tanzania Safari Activities

See Serigenti from up above a hot air balloon, witness the predator-prey game unfolding right in front of your eyes, go on a boating safari in Selous reserve, or conquer Kilimanjaro, the highest peak of Africa. With amazing adrenaline-pumping Tanzania Safari Activities, tick your every bucket list dreams.

Kenya Safari Tours

Kenya Safari

Witness the Great Wildebeest migration where nearly two million wildebeests and zebras crossing over rivers and migrating towards the rich fertile lands in search of food. Kenya Safaris not only boasts spectacular natural beauty in one of the foremost unspoiled places on earth but also gets you up close and a personal encounter with Africa’s most sought-after wildlife.

Kenya Destinations

Kenya destinations are famous for their diverse and rich species of both Flora and Fauna as well as its rustic national parks hovering many endangered species. There are 54 Kenya National Parks and game reserves scattered throughout Kenya.

Kenya Safaris Activities

Witness the greatest spectacle of the Wildebeest migration, spot the elusive Big 5, along with some of the greatest game drives and so much more, Kenya safari activities are truly a dream come true.

Kenya National Parks

From the great Wildebeest Migration of Massai Mara to the poster spot of Africa, Amboseli National Park to the most enchanting sight of numerous Flemigos flock. Lake Nakuru National Park and so much more, the Kenya National Parks are truly a wonder on earth.

Best Time To Visit Kenya

Kenya Safari Tours is a year-round destination, with good game-viewing throughout the year. However, the months of June to October are widely considered to be the best time to visit Kenya. This is the time when the great annual migration is at the top swing.

Kenya At a Glance

Kenya is an East African country covering an area of 582,650 sq km. with countries like   Ethiopia, South Sudan, Tanzania & Uganda to its border the country enjoys a diverse cultural and ethnic mak up.

Practical Information About Kenya

Before taking on Kenya Holidays, it is vital to gather all Practical information for Kenya. Also, it is imperative you learn all about Kenya’s Visa requirements and currency details vaccination list before traveling to the country.

Uganda Safari Tours

Uganda Safari

Uganda safari is a unique experience to see mountain gorillas & chimpanzee trekking in the wild among a huge array of wildlife, including the Big 5 in the most stunning landscapes.

Uganda Destinations

Uganda destinations are one of the most complete game-viewing destinations on earth. Ranging from the mist-shrouded mountains of Bwindi to the dense forests of Kibale to the open plains of Queen Elizabeth, Uganda is home to ten national parks with an immensely diverse range of landscapes and biospheres.

Uganda Safaris Activities

Uganda Safari Activities is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to partake in Gorilla and chimps trekking, Water Rafting, Volcano Hike and so much more in one go.

Uganda National Parks

Uganda, “The Pearl of Africa”, offers exotic wildlife, a rich ecosystem, and culture. You’ll be surprised this hidden gem of an African destination boasts no less than 10 Uganda national parks. A visit will make you fall in love with Uganda Tours.

Best Time To Visit Uganda

The two dry seasons: between December and February, and between June and August are the best time to visit Uganda. This is the ideal condition particularly good for mountain gorillas and chimpanzees trekking.

Uganda At a Glance

Uganda at a glance is almost like a shock of emerald flora. The republic of Uganda covers 91,134 square miles and is situated right on top of the Equator between Zaire and Kenya in East Africa.

Practical Information About Uganda

Before taking on Uganda Holidays, it is vital to gather all Practical information for Uganda. Uganda has a unique culture with diverse religions and languages. Also, it is imperative you learn all about Uganda’s Visa requirements and currency details vaccination list before traveling to the country.

Uganda accommodations

When it comes to Uganda Accommodations, “the pearl of Africa” has a  wide range of options starting from five-star hotels to luxury Lodges and Camps, to rustic bush camps, guesthouses and campsites. Gazelle Safaris Africa stands out for its non-compromising accommodation concept. We visit all accommodation in Uganda ourselves, evaluate, and select the best accommodation for you.

Rwanda Safari Tours

Rwanda Safari

Rwanda fondly called “ the land of thousand hills” offers so many popular tourist attractions along with the best Gorilla trekking in the world. In addition to vast wildlife highlights Rwanda Safari also gives you a chance to meet and discover one of the friendliest populations of the entire continent, hospitable, generous, and forgiving.

Rwanda Destinations

From tracking the mountain gorillas of the Virunga Volcanoes to meeting cheeky chimpanzees of Nynugwe Forest, or relaxing on the savannah plains of Akagera National Park, Rwanda Destinations has it all. No wonder, Rwanda Safari Destinations have become the most talked-about safari destination now.

Rwanda National Parks

With the rainforest of the Virunga Volcanoes in the west, the montane forests of Nyungwe National Park in the southwest, and the savannah plains of Akagera National Park in the east; Rwanda National Parks’ unique diversity is second to none.

Best Time to Visit Rwanda

Despite such close proximity to the equator, the higher altitude allows Rwanda to have a cooler climate. Rwanda’s temperature also doesn’t change much with the weather either. That’s why he is from June to October is the best time to visit Rwanda.

Rwanda At a Glance

Rwanda at a glance is a small country covering an area of 26,338 sq km, 5.3% of which is inland water. The country is landlocked by Uganda to the north, Burundi to the south, Tanzania to the east, and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to the west.

Practical Information For Rwanda

Before taking on Rwanda Holidays, it is vital to gather all Practical information for Rwanda. Rwanda has a unique culture with diverse religions and languages. Also, it is imperative you learn all about Rwanda’s Visa requirements and currency details vaccination list before traveling to the country.

Rwanda Safari Activities

Be it Rwanda’s traditional king palace, or meeting gorillas at their natural habitat, or the spine-tingling Nyamata and Ntarama Genocide Memorials, Rwanda safari activities will surely blow your mind.

Rwanda Accommodations

Rwanda accommodations set up for an ideal base from which you go for gorilla trekking or other Rwanda Safari activities. Rwanda accommodations entail clean and comfortable lodges, good food, amazing forest views, and plenty of adventure.

South African Tours

South African Safari

From gorgeous weather, vast wildlife, amazing beaches, affordability, delicious wine and food, and breathtaking scenery, a South African Safari is a dream come true. Whether you’re looking for adventure or on honeymoon or traveling with family,  South African Safari Tours offers a little something extra to all.

South African Destinations

A South African Destination offers some of the most classic African scenery: great gaping gorges, golden savannah, and hauntingly beautiful deserts, along with some of the most awe-inspiring cast of African creatures plus, as a bonus, all the creature comforts.

South African Safaris Activities

From bush to the beach to game drives to hauntingly beautiful deserts, South African Activities offers a rich diversity and a balance of urban splendor and wholesome nature.

South African National Parks

The South African national parks offer a most unique combination of some of the best wildlife safaris along with the convenience of glamping (fancy camping that is) and luxury hotels in the midst of the wilderness.

Best Time To Visit South Africa

Even thoughSouth African beaches are a year-round destination. The period of  May to September is the best time to visit South Africa. Because it is less cold and wildlife viewing is excellent.

South Africa At a Glance

South Africa at a glance is a coastline country spanning over an area of  21,219,090 sq. km. The country is bordered by Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe to the north and Mozambique, Swaziland to the east.

Practical Information About South Africa

Did you know that you have to submit all South African Rand ( South African currency) before leaving the country? We always insist on finding out all the Practical Information about South Africa, its visa, and other vaccination requirements before traveling to the country.

DRC Tours

DRC Safari

DRC Safari ishome to the planet’s second-largest rainforest across the vast Congo River Basin rimmed with glacial mountains and savannah, brimming with an array of wildlife and cultures.

DRC Destinations

Meet the Grauer gorillas in  Parc National de Kahuzi-Biéga, hike a volcano in Nyiragongo or dive in magnificent Inkisi Falls. DRC Destinations offers a green mountainous landscape along with an array of rainforests and abundant wildlife.

DRC  Safaris Activities

Hike the spectacular yet deadly lava lake of Nyiragongo or hike through swirling mists and glorious alpine meadows Rwenzori mountain; DRC offers endless opportunities to enjoy various Rwanda Safari Activities in addition to being the best Gorilla & chimps trekking in the world.

DRC  National Parks

DRC Safari Tours houses some of the most spectacular DRC national parks in the world. Visiting one of these parks will open up a world of smoking volcanoes dissecting huge swathes of rainforest thrumming with life, and endangered animals roaming freely.

Best Time To Visit DRC

The weather cycle of DRC is highly unpredictable mainly due to Congo’s size, its position, its local topographies, and the effects of its forest canopies. However,December, January, and February are considered to be the best time to visit DRC.

DRC  At a Glance

DRC at a glance is a vast country with rich natural resources including rain forest, volcanos, glacial mountains, wildlife, and cultures. DRC, officially known as the Democratic Republic of Congo, is landlocked and, located in central Africa, 25-mile (40-km) coastline on the Atlantic Ocean. Its capital Kinshasa is also the largest city in central Africa, it serves as the country’s official administrative, economic, and cultural center.

Practical Information About DRC

Up until recently DRC under the clutches of civil war and corruption. After a long struggle DRC is slowly coming back to its feet. However, there is still a lot of disarray in some parts of the country. So, we advise you to gather as much practical information about DRC as you can before traveling to this beautiful country.

Best Time To Visit African Destinations

Africa is a massive continent. Naturally, it has varied climates, landscapes, and wildlife. That’s why choosing the best time to visit Africa may get a little tricky. It mainly depends on your interests and expectations.

If you’re planning an African Safari Trip then, the dry season from May to August is the perfect period. This period sees infrequent rains, the wildlife head towards the waterholes. Thus making it easy to spot elusive creatures like lions and leopards.

But if you’re a bird lover, then the best time to visit Africa in November and April. The hot and wet weather will give you unparalleled bird-watching opportunities.

African Safari Cost

African Safari ain’t cheap. Byt, the good news is there’s literally an African Destination Safari to suit every budget. There are safaris starting from just 150$(per head per day). When it comes to With African Tours, the sky's the limit. Gazelle Safaris Africa offers a wide range of African safari packages starting from budget safaris to high-end luxury safaris.

Visit Gazelle Safaris Africa today to know more about our tailor-made African Destination Tours Packages.

African Safari

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