Explore A Safari Adventure on Lake Kariba

  • Gazelle Safari Africa

  • Zimbabwe
  • Jun 09, 2024

Lake Kariba is described as a place where turquoise waters meet rugged shorelines, where wildlife encounters happen not just on land but also beside you in the water. Get ready to trade your jeep for a houseboat and go on an unforgettable tour experience of this magnificent African haven.

Lake Kariba, the world’s largest man-made reservoir, is a paradise teeming with life. Your adventure can start with boarding a luxurious houseboat, your home for the next few days. Expert guides will navigate the vast expanse, pointing out hidden coves teeming with birdlife – from the majestic African fish eagle to vibrant carmine bee-eaters.

A Lake Kariba safari truly unfolds with water-based activities. The thrill of spotting a crocodile basking on a rock is sure to send shivers down your spine. For the truly adventurous, kayaking safaris offer a chance to get up close to the shoreline’s inhabitants.

For fishing enthusiasts, this is a paradise. Lake Kariba is home to the legendary tigerfish, a fighter known for its ferocious strength and razor-sharp teeth. Casting your line into the crystal-clear waters and feeling the tug of a powerful fish is an experience unlike any other.

Evenings on a Lake Kariba safari are just as captivating. As the fiery sun sets below the horizon, settle in for a delicious meal prepared onboard sharing stories of the day’s adventures under a canopy of stars.

Lake Kariba’s allure lies in its unique blend of adventure and relaxation. It’s a place where you can witness the raw power of nature from the safety of your houseboat, where the thrill of encountering wildlife is matched by the serenity of the landscape. 

So, if you’re looking for a safari experience that goes beyond the typical land-based adventure, set sail on Lake Kariba and discover a world of wonder waiting to be explored.


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