Chimp Tracking In Kyambura Gorge Uganda

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  • Aug 11, 2022

A visit to this underground forest of Queen Elizabeth National Park provides an exceptional encounter with man’s genetically close relatives, Chimpanzees. The family that lives here comprises over 10 members belonging to different age brackets.

Uganda Chimpanzee Tracking offers one an understanding of how chimps behave as they get through different phases in life, from infancy to teenage age and eventually adulthood.

Kyambura Gorge hosts a significant amount of activities that one can do while on Uganda Safaris but the most notable one of all is Chimpanzee Tracking in the Gorge and for that anyone making a trip in Queen Elizabeth National Park should not miss out, meaning do not limit yourself to just a few days but rather keep your expectations up.

TheHalf-Day Uganda Safaris Tour we organize for you will start early to enable you to see chimps at a time they are most active. As the day gets hotter, they start to take things slow.

If you are not big walkers or hikers, the ranger will take down this guided tour to your benefit. You will navigate an easier trail in the forest with a long wooden bridge. Below this trail flows a river with a rich concentration of hippos.

When most of the water holes dry up in the dry season, buffaloes and elephants flock to this river in big numbers to quench their thirst. On the day of your visit, you might find warthogs wallowing in mud to protect their delicate skin from scorching sunlight.

At first, you might have difficulty finding the chimps—if you are noisy. They keep shifting away from noisy settings. Everything starts to change for the better the minute you start observing silence. They relax and start hollering to each other as you watch from underneath the canopy.

Some might even climb down to the floor of the forest. A walk by the river that bisects the forest will reward you with fruitful sightings of schools of hippos.

Don’t forget to keep your camera on standby mode; a troop of chimpanzees might suddenly surround you as they search for food. You are free to take advantage of the proximity to get exceptional photographic opportunities.

One of the things that draw primate lovers here is that watching chimps is far more entertaining than watching gorillas. They don’t just sit by and watch the day drift by. They are much more active and reactive.

You will watch them whoop each other, play hide and seek and swing swiftly across branches like acrobats.

Best Time To Visit: All year round although the dry season of June to September and December to February is preferable.

Other than just visiting this part, Kyambura Gorge is surrounded by Queen Elizabeth National Park which hosts a range of activities that one can do ranging from game drives, boat cruises and walks around the park; birding trips are also available for the savannah species of Birds. Other areas of interest are Kalinzu Forest, Maramagambo Forest, Mweya Peninsular, Ishasha Sector and Kazinga channel that come at an affordable price and if you are interested in making a Uganda Safari that includes all these and more contact us and we shall arrange a tour for you and customize it to meet your interests and needs.


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