Top Safe Places To Visit In Tanzania For a Solo Female Traveler

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  • Oct 08, 2022

Top of the list for any female solo traveler is safety. If you’re planning a trip to the beautiful East African country of Tanzania and unsure where to go as a female traveler, this is the guide for you.

The truth is that traveling alone can alter your life. Sure, it’s wonderful to tour the world with your friends, family, husband, or wife, but let’s face it—traveling alone has numerous advantages. Being a solo traveler is amazing!

You are in charge when you are traveling the world by yourself. You get to choose the schedule, the meals, and the activities. The fact that the world is your oyster can be incredibly freeing for certain people. Here, we’ll talk about the top destinations like Tanzania National Parks for female travelers traveling alone.

The top safe places to visit in Tanzania


There is simply no other way to describe how amazing the Northern Tanzania Safari Circuit is. Join a 5-7 day small group tour to see some of the world’s most amazing wildlife and landscapes.

As a package tour, all lodging and guides will be prearranged, safe, and secure, making them perfect for lone travelers.

Tarangire National Park

Any of our guides will tell you that Tarangire is one of their favorite safari destinations if you ask them. Why? Think about baobab trees and elephants. Some of the largest densities of both are in the park.

Tarangire is part of the several Easy Travel safari packages, including the 7-day Tanzania Classic. June through October are the ideal months to visit this unique location.


The Spice Islands’ idyllic beaches and whiter-than-white sand provide female tourists with the perfect setting to let their hair down, pick up that tattered book, and spend some time in the sun.

We may arrange for you to spend several days in a quiet setting where everything is taken care of. It’s important to keep in mind that Zanzibar Island is 99% Muslim; therefore, both men and women are recommended to cover their knees and shoulders if they intend to visit Stonetown, which you should do without a doubt. Again, modesty prevails.

Safety Regulations

It’s the best to always be on guard or extra cautious whenever you travel. We advise adhering to the same kinds of rules you would observe anywhere else on the globe, especially if you are traveling alone.

  1. Avoid remote areas, such as abandoned beachfronts.
  2. Instead of walking at night, hire a taxi.
  3. Don’t flash your valuables or leave them in an abandoned car.


Have you ever thought about the safe places to visit in Tanzania? I hope this article answers your question. With a custom-tailored Tanzania Holiday Package from Gazelle Safaris Africa, you may visit these thrilling places and satisfy your thirst for adventure. Take a look at the Tanzania Travel Guide as well, learn about the greatest travel spots in Tanzania.


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