Uganda Declared Ebola Free

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  • Jan 14, 2023
Ebola Free Uganda

The long-awaited ray of hope has finally come after WHO declared the Uganda Ebola-free. Any fears for tourists about this viral disease can now be kicked out the window as they can once again travel without worry.

114 days have passed since the beginning of the Ebola outbreak in Uganda, which was announced on the morning of September 20, 2022. The Minister of Health Ruth Aceng noted that since September of last year, 143 persons had contracted Ebola.

Despite the difficult time as the country tried to contain the disease, WHO praised Uganda for its strong and comprehensive response. According to the WHO’s standards, an outbreak of the disease ends when there are 42 straight days with no new cases, which is something that this beautiful East African country has ably achieved.

While most people believe that travelling is only about enjoyment and amusement, it is also mostly healing. This is why it is no shock that this East African paradise was named one of the top tourist destinations of 2023 on CNN Travel’s list. This amazing list of top 23 locations across the world mentions Uganda which is only one of four African countries that CNN Travel highly recommends as the best vacation spots in the world.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Uganda In 2023

Uganda Safari

Are you planning to Uganda Safaris right away or anytime in the future, here is some information to expect. Here are reasons why you should visit this country soon.

Quick health response: Uganda is renowned for its avid response towards serious diseases like Covid-19 and Cholera where the government has acted quickly to contain these illnesses and ensure people’s safety. Extra precaution like wearing of masks and social distancing are implemented as soon as anyone presents symptoms. An African Safaris offers the ideal chance to travel while socially isolating, as advised by the World Health Organization (WHO).

All-Inclusive Destination: Uganda is, in fact the pearl of Africa. You can experience a Big 5 Safari in one of Uganda’s many national parks or reserves. Interested in a Uganda Gorilla Safari? There is no need to leave the country, unlike other mountain gorilla destinations. Lake Victoria, one of the largest freshwater lakes in Africa, is a blessing for Uganda. The River Nile, which is known for its exhilarating water sports and fishing safaris, originates in Lake Victoria. The Mountains of the moon or Mountain Rwenzori must be brought up in any discussion of Uganda Hiking Trips. Its snow-capped peak hike is the stuff of fantasies.

Best year-round weather: The weather in Uganda is by far the greatest in the world, with average highs of 23 to 25 degrees Celsius. Only in Uganda is it possible to keep your shirt off without being too cold or hot. Despite being near the equator and experiencing intense sunlight, the country has a lot of water bodies, flora, and highlands that help to regulate the temperature. The weather is quite favorable for visitors as they don’t have to worry about extreme conditions.

Beautiful scenery: What Uganda may lack in quantity, it makes up for in beauty. Almost every section of the country has unique scenery, which you can see when traveling across it. From the rocky hills and semi-arid plains in the north to the green hills and crater lakes in the west to the stunning highlands and gorilla-home volcanoes in the south to the untainted rain forests and marshes near Lake Victoria. Every few hours while you’re driving, the surroundings will drastically alter.

Amazing Fresh Food: Uganda is the food basket of the East African region thanks to its rich soils and favorable climate. Many tourists who have tried Ugandan fruits, including pineapples, oranges, mangoes, and pawpaws, have praised them as being the sweetest they have ever tasted. If you want to sample some delectable organic food in Africa, Uganda should be your next stop.

Here Is How To Keep Safe

The health and safety of our customers while they are on their African safaris is always our top priority. In the event that you become ill or sustain an injury while on your African safari, Gazelle Safaris Africa will cover the cost of your emergency medical repatriation through AMREF.

Additionally, we have put additional safeguards in place for your safety. All of our visitors will receive instructions on how to stay safe throughout the safari when they arrive.

Utilize headrest covers that are disposable and changed after each journey.

Community interactions take place in complete anonymity and apart from one another.

Before, during, and after each trip/transfer, we make sure that our tour vans and transfer vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

In order to prevent stops on long travels, we also make an effort to pack meals, especially if we don’t have a reliable partner nearby.

When serving meals and beverages, our safari staff will adhere to the same rules as the catering and lodging options offered here.

We want to see air filters added to vehicle air conditioners in the future, especially in larger and more upscale automobiles, to help prevent the spread of viruses within the car.

When the weather allows, we recommend leaving windows open to let fresh air in.

Additionally, we offer face masks, hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, facial tissues, and plenty of water to ensure that our guests keep hydrated while traveling.


This is your cue to plan your Trip To Uganda now! The scenic beauty of this amazing country will overwhelm you and tempt you into staying even longer. For a variety of Uganda Safari Packages and other tours, visit the Gazelle Safaris Africa Website.


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