Horseback Riding In Lake Mburo National Park

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  • Uganda
  • Oct 29, 2022

One of the most interesting Uganda Safari Destinations that makes you feel one with nature is horseback riding in Lake Mburo National Park. Some of the savanna’s most reticent animals, like zebras, can be approached up close, though they will still keep their distance.

It takes two to five hours to complete this activity across the African Savanna, which is enhanced at Lake Mburo by the sweeping hills, valleys, and numerous lakes in and around Lake Mburo.

You are assured of having a phenomenal ride from start to finish during this sightseeing tour. The hilly landscape of the park seems like it was stolen from a fairytale. It is a truly awe-inspiring savannah dotted with thousands of zebras, buffalos, toppi, giraffes, and millions of birds, some beautiful and others mysterious.

You easily can tell the horses have as much fun as the guests do. The caretakers don’t treat them like slaves or beasts of labor. On the contrary, they are gentle and communicate with them politely!

Not only do the guides know the map of this lush park, but they have also grasped its routine and know where to find wildlife as different seasons come and go.

 You don’t need prior experience to be able to have tons of fun. You will be given horses that match your level of fitness. Even better, the guides are enthusiastic coaches who will get you going with a brief training session highlighted by precise DOs and DON’Ts that are easy to remember. Most importantly, they are attentive to the needs of both horses and riders.

You will have stopovers at the most scenic parts of the park along the route; woodland, patches of forest, papyrus swamps, and rocky outcrops.

At the lakeside, you will hear grunts of Hippos and see crocodiles basking in the sun lazily as they wait for prey to drop by for a drink. Being a zebra country, you will encounter countless herds grazing alongside an elegant local breed of cattle with long horns.

As the adventure unfolds, the guides will communicate with the horses politely and patiently. You will be impressed by the freedom they allow you during the trotting and cantering phases of the ride.

If riding in the evening, you might even catch the sunset on your way back.

All the necessary safety equipment and gear they provide will keep you bundled up and comfortable as you ride. This includes chaps and helmets, both of which are in excellent condition to keep you safe.

Lake Mburo National park is the only one in Uganda to carry out such an activity.

Best Time To Ride

For much of the year, the weather is warm and friendly for the ride. Better still, if it is raining, you will be provided raincoats.

With this experience, you have a rare opportunity to see several endemic species, including the Uganda Kob. Start a single, extremely rewarding vacation in Uganda with Gazelle Safaris Africa. Visit our website right away for more details and the best way to explore the Uganda Travel Guide.


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