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From the first sunray that glistens across the grassland into the sophisticated suites to the crackling campfire singing with the nightlife, The Serengeti Sametu camp offers your experience the perfect balance between a safari in the wild and the comfort of luxury hospitalities. Intentionally situated in a secluded part of the eastern edge of Central Serengeti, a fairly small distance from the Ngare Nanyuki River, our luxury boutique accommodation never ceases to gift you with an endless horizon silhouetted by grazing wildebeest, zebra, and various antelope species, as well as several hundred bird species gliding from one acacia tree to the next in search for suitable nesting space.

Use our spacious and comfortable Lounge and Dining areas for a range of activities like a spot for sharing your photos and stories of your safari with family and friends, siting herds of elephants striding across the area with a pair of binoculars, or gathering soulfully to eat and drink under the African starry night over a campfire. Sametu Camp is made up of eight spacious luxury tents, eight luxury suites, and two-family suites. These flourishing rooms are designed to make you feel right at home in the wild, with the wall being made of thin canvas, still giving you the opportunity to sleep and wake with the music of the wild Serengeti just outside.

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