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Practical Information For Uganda

Ready to embark on the unforgettable Uganda Safari Tours? Here is some necessary practical information for Uganda to help you plan a hassle-free Uganda Destination Holiday.

Basic Information

Official Name: Republic of Uganda

Area: 236,580 sq km

Population: 32 million (approx.)

Capital: Kampala

Largest Cities, with Population

  • Kampala: 1,353,000
  • Gulu: 146,000
  • Lira: 119,000
  • Mbarara: 97,000

Ethnic make-up

  • Baganda 16.9%
  • Banyakole 9.5%
  • Basoga 8.4%
  • Bakiga 6.9%
  • Iteso 6.4%
  • Langi 6.1%
  • Acholi 4.7%
  • Bagisu 4.6%
  • Lugbara 4.2%
  • Bunyoro 2.7%
  • other 29.6% (2002 census)

Religious Affiliations:

The country’s motto is "For God and My Country", the Constitution provides that Uganda is a secular country.

  • Catholic: 42%
  • Anglican 36%
  • Muslim: 12%
  • Other 10%


Official Language: English and Swahili

Business Language: English

Other Languages: Uganda is a multilingual country. Around forty indigenous languages are spoken in the country; the three main families are Bantu, Nilotic and Central Sudanic.

Uganda Climate

Uganda exhibits moderate temperature throughout the year. The average daily temperature of Kampala is around 18 to 25 [degrees] C. Uganda experiences two dry seasons (December to February, June to August); semi-arid in the northeast.


  • The country code for Uganda is +256.
  • Uganda uses Telephone, telex, fax, and airmail services to connect all parts of the world. International direct dialing is available in all major centers.
  • Public call boxes in post offices and main towns operate on a card system.
  • There are several cellular companies operating in Uganda and roaming works nearly in all major cities and towns.
  • Also, you’ll find ample internet cafes in all the major city centers.

Currency & Exchange Rates

Official Currency: Uganda Shilling


Currency can be exchanged everywhere in Uganda, but the best exchange rates are found in Kampala. Overall, it’s good to have some US dollars with you at all times.

 Exchange Rate

  • Euro – Dollar 1.15
  • Euro - Ugandan Shilling  4373
  • US Dollar - Euro 0.87
  • US Dollar - Ugandan Shilling 3388
  • Pound Sterling – Dollar 1.32
  • Pound Sterling - Ugandan Shilling 5001

Uganda entry requirements

  • A valid passport.
  • Visa to enter the country
  • Three-month single-entry tourist visas are available in all Ugandan embassies (price may be subject to nationality).

Health certification

  • Visitors arriving from areas affected with yellow fever and cholera must produce certificates of inoculation.
  •  Malaria and bilharzia are endemic.


A number of vaccinations are recommended before visiting Uganda (check with your doctor in advance).


Malaria is endemic in tropical Africa and protection against it is necessary.


HIV/AIDS is a serious problem throughout Africa.

Medical insurance

Travelers to Uganda are recommended to obtain valid and up-to-date medical insurance prior to arrival.


All in all, Uganda is a safe country to travel to. The Ugandans are warm-hearted and generous people. They are always eager to help visitors get the most out of their stay. Uganda is a multi-democratic and is a politically stable country.

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Uganda Safari

Quick Facts About Uganda

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Frequently Asked Questions

Although Uganda has a long turbulent history of wars and massacre, those are days of the past. Now it is one of the safest countries to visit. Moreover, the Ugandan people are very warm, welcoming and hospitable. One visit and your heart will forever belong to Uganda.

Uganda is an all year destination. However the best months are June-Oct, Dec-Feb.

The Uganda Safari Cost depends on several factors however the average cost of Uganda safari can come up to 700$ along with 900$ for accommodations per head.

Nicknamed as the “ Pearl of Africa '' Uganda is a very beautiful country with awesome landscapes, the array of wildlife, rainforests and several mesmerizing lakes and rivers.

With an array of wildlife and housing some of the rarest and endangered species, Uganda is home to no less than 10 National parks and 12 National Reserves.

Uganda Safaris offer various tourist accommodations in the form of safari camps and campsites in all the popular Uganda National Parks along with hotels to hostels suiting every budget.

For gorilla trekking, you’ve to hike through difficult terrain, water bodies, thick vegetation, hills and valleys. The activity can possess some initial challenges but in the end, it’ll be rewarding.

Uganda has more than half of the remaining Gorilla Population spread out in 5 Sectors of Bwindi Impenetrable forest giving travelers more choices. Gorilla Permits in Uganda are much cheaper than those in Rwanda giving tourists more value for money.

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