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Best Time To Visit DRC

When is the Best Time To Visit DRC? Well, it’s a tricky question to answer. The weather cycle of DRC is highly unpredictable mainly due to Congo’s size, its position, its local topographies, and the effects of its forest canopies. However, the dry seasons are generally considered to be the Best Time To Visit DRC.

DRC Climate

DRC experiences a tropical climate with generally hot and humid conditions in the equatorial river basin. The southern highlands are cooler and drier though. Whereas the eastern highlands are cool and wet.

As the country is located on the equator, it undergoes great climatic variations to the north and south.

North Of The Equator

Rainy season:  April to October

Dry season: December to February.

South Of The Equator

Rainy season: November to March

Dry season: April to October.

The dry seasons are considered to be the Best Time To Visit DRC Safari.

DRC Weather & Temperature

During DRC Safaris, get one of the highest frequencies of thunderstorms in the world, alongside quite a spectacular amount of rain. The rain here is unpredictable and short, sharp thunderstorms are normal throughout the year.

The equatorial position of DRC and the thick, tangled forests means the weather is almost always warm and humid. The drier months from June to September are generally the coolest. The daytime temperature comes around 25 degrees Celsius. But, the temperature steadily rises with rain and can reach the mid-30s, with higher humidity.

However, at the top of Nyiragongo, temperatures often drop below freezing point throughout the year. This is unavoidable. So you must carry proper hiking gear.

Best Time To Visit Virunga National Park During DRC Safaris

Virunga is still a year-round destination with a little bit of rain here and there. However, the dry months of July to September are by far the best time to visit DRC Safaris

In fact, if you’re looking to combine a gorilla trek in Virunga with a safari in Kenya or Tanzania, it will be the best time of year!

Bear in mind that the gorilla families might have moved to a higher altitude from July to September. So, you might have to trek for a bit longer time.

In short, the months of December, January, and February are the Best Time To Visit DRC, Virunga in particular. Explore the wild with Gazelle Safaris Africa. Visit our site today to know more about our customized and most unique DRC Safari Packages. Also, get the best option to explore DRC Travel Guide.

DRC Safari

Quick Facts About DRC

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DRC Safari

DRC Travel Guide

DRC Safari

Frequently Asked Questions

The dry seasons of December, January, and February are the Best Time To Visit DRC.

You must produce a visa issued by the nearest DRC Embassy to your country of residence. The easier way is to apply at the DRC embassy in your home country or country of residence.
Alternatively, you can let us process the visa on your behalf prior to commencement of your DRC Safaris.

Even though the official language Democratic Republic of Congo is French, there are a number of indigenous languages prevalently spoken in all parts of the country including Swahili, Lingala, Kikongo, and Tshiluba.

The DRC lies in two various time zone which is the West Africa Time (UTC+2) as well as the Central Africa Time (UTC+1)

Yes, though you have to be above eighteen years of age. You can purchase alcohol from the various supermarkets, food hubs, and bars.

Yes, tipping is accepted in DRC, though it’s not mandatory. The locals consider it as a polite way of appreciating the good service rendered to you. The amount however solely depends on you. Bear in mind that a 10% service charge is included in all your restaurant and hotel bills.

We do not recommend trying to obtain cash in DRC at this time. Instead, you can bring your cash. (either Uganda Shillings, Rwandan Francs, or US Dollars). Travelers’ cheques are not recommended as well.

It’s possible to visit parts of the DRC safely. Long gone those days when DRC was known to have a “heart of darkness”. Now DRC has opened its door to the whole world with open arms. DRC offers beautiful countryside and some of the continent’s most exciting trekking. But what will appeal you most is the warmth and genuine affection you’ll receive from its local people. However, the eastern region of the DRC is still a little troubled, so tour operators will arrange armed escorts to accompany travelers at all times.

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