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Rwanda At A Glance

Rwanda Safari Tours have earned its niche as Africa's hottest new eco-tourism destination.

Basic Information

  • Official Name: Republic of Rwanda
  • Area: 26,338 sq km
  • Capital: Kigali
  • Population: 12 million

The Capital City & Major Towns

The capital of Rwanda is Kigali. The major cities and towns are Butare, Gitarama, Ruhengeri.


Rwanda is a small country covering an area of 26,338 sq km, 5.3% of which is inland water. Rwanda is landlocked and has no coastline.


Rwanda has Uganda to the north, Burundi to the south, Tanzania to the east, and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to the west.

Language & Literacy

  • Official Language: Kinyarwanda (the first language) French and English.
  • Other Language: Swahili (Kiswahili), Rwanda-Rundi and Bantu
  • Business Language: French, English
  • Literacy: 71.1%

Climate Of Rwanda

Generally, the Rwanda weather stays a bit cooler in mountains with possibilities of frostiness and snow.

Rwanda experiences two rainy seasons:

  • March to May
  • October to November

The two dry seasons:

  • June to mid-September
  • December to February.

Time Zone Of Rwanda

GMT +2 all year-round. Rwanda maintains a constant 12 hours of daylight. Sunrise is typically 06.30 and sunset at 18.45.


Rwanda is a highly populated country in Africa

  • Total Population: 11,689,696 million (2012 est.)
  • Rural Population: 81%
  • Under 15 years old: 42.7%
  • Under 65 years old: 97.5%
  • Growth rate: 2.751%

Rwanda Currency & Exchange

Rwandan currency is known as Franc.

  • Forex code - RWF
  • 1 Euro = 1181.36 Rwf
  • 1 US$   = 990.57 Rwf

 Notes are in denominations of RWF 500, 1,000, 2000, and 5000

Coins are RWF 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100.

Banking & Currency Exchange

  • Foreign currency can be changed at foreign currency bureau, banks, or hotels. Bank timings are Mon-Fri 0800-1200 and 1400-1700 and Sat 0800-1200.
  • Lodges and restaurants may accept USD but rest you’ll require Rwandan Franc.
  • Also, USD printed before 2006 is not accepted in the country.

ATM & Credit Cards

ATM: Bank of Kigali and the Eco bank both have ATMs accepting international Visa cards.

Credit Card: Credit cards are not widely accepted in Rwanda. Only major hotels and upmarket lodges accept credit cards.

Travelers’ Cheques

Only major banks in Kigali accept Travellers' Cheques. But that is not dependable. So we encourage you to travel in cash instead, preferably US Dollars.


Tipping is widely appreciated.

Shopping And Business Hours

Mon-Fri 0830-1300 and 1400-1730, and Sat 0830-1230

Communication and Postage

International telephone code: 000 followed by the required country code

Rwanda country code: +250.

  • Rwanda has excellent cell phone coverage. Local SIM cards and cell phones are very easily available in major towns and town centers.
  • WIFI is available in some lodges and it is possible to buy a 3G mobile internet USB dongle. Internet cafes can be found through the connection is mostly very slow.

Post offices

Kigali Post office timing: Mon-Fri 0800-1200 and 1400-1700, Sat 0800-1200.

Stamps can be purchased at post offices, hotels, and stationery or souvenir shops.

Rwanda National Parks and Reserves

Rwanda has 3 national parks and several forest reserves and protected areas.

National Parks

• Akagera

• Parc national des Volcans

• Nyungwe

Forest Reserves

• Cyamudongo

• Gisakura Gallery

• Gishwati

• Mukura

• Nyungwe

Other Protected Areas

• Akanyaru wetlands

• Mutara

• Nyabarongo River Wetlands

• Rugezi Marsh

UNESCO-MAB Biosphere Reserves

• Parc national des Volcans

Cloud Forest Sites

• Gishwati

• Mukura

• Nyungwe

• Volcans

National Museums of Rwanda.

• Ethnographic Museum at Huye

• Art Museum at Nyanza-Rwesero

• Ancient History Museum at Nyanza-Rukari

• Presidential Palace Museum  at Kigali-Kanombe

• Natural History Museum (Kandt House) at Kigali-Nyarugenge

• Environmental Museum at Karongi

Visa and Health Certification

A valid passport and visa for the proposed duration of your stay is required for entry into Rwanda. You can obtain your visa in advance from the Rwandan Embassy or High Commission in your country of origin or can apply for one online.

Health certification

A yellow fever vaccination is mandatory if you are arriving in Rwanda from an infected area.


A number of vaccinations are recommended before arriving in Rwanda.


Malaria is endemic in tropical Africa and protection against it is necessary.


HIV/AIDS is a serious issue throughout Africa. An estimated 2.9 % of the Rwandan population is HIV positive.

Medical / Travel Insurance

We highly recommend obtaining medical / travel insurance prior to arrival.

Rwanda has very limited medical facilities. Therefore Gazelle Safaris Africa conducts evacuation by air ambulance to Kenya or South Africa in the event of a serious accident or illness.

Personal Safety


Rwanda has the best security in Africa, but as a visitor, you must be cautious and vigilant.


Tap water is not safe to drink in Rwanda. So only prefer bottled water which is easily available.

Security At Rwanda

All in all, Rwanda is a safe country to travel to. The Rwandans are warm-hearted and generous people. They are always eager to help visitors get the most out of their stay. Rwanda is multi-democratic and is a politically stable country.

Rwanda Safari

Quick Facts About Rwanda

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Rwanda Safari

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Rwanda Safari

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Rwanda is the safest country in Africa. Even though the country has seen its fair share of violence and bloodshed but now the country is back on its feet again. Crime is relatively low, and locals are welcoming, friendly and hospitable. However, to avoid pickpockets and petty crime, you must be cautious and vigilant all the time.

You can track mountain gorillas throughout the year in Uganda and Rwanda. However, June to October is the best time for gorilla trekking. This is the dry season of Rwanda which allows perfect conditions for trekking.

A gorilla permit is a card/ document issued by the Rwanda development board to allow you to spend an hour with the mountain gorilla in Volcanoes National Park. Currently, the cost of a gorilla permit can come up to 1500$ to 1700$ including permit, private transport, English-speaking guide, accommodation, and meals.

We always advise our clients to book a permit at least 3 months in advance. Due to high demand especially in the peak season, the permits tend to sell out quickly. Contact Gazelle Safaris Africa for more information.

Rwanda is considered one of the safest countries in the world. All tourists are escorted by armed rangers while tracking the gorillas.

For gorilla trekking, you’ve to hike through difficult terrain, water bodies, thick vegetation, hills, and valleys. The activity can possess some initial challenges but in the end, it’ll be rewarding.

Rwanda is a much smaller country in comparison to Uganda. Uganda has more Gorilla Families and habituated gorillas group. Also, the permits are more easily available.

Rwanda Safari

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