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Well we may be young but what we lack in age, we make up for with passion, hard work, consistence and resilience. When you work with us, you work with a brand that grows every day and continues to break glass ceilings! Established 8 years ago, Gazelle Safaris Africa is an expert Destination Management Company for East Africa including the Democratic Republic of Congo. We hand pick the best accommodation focusing on service delivery, safety, comfort, accessibility and breathtaking views among others. It is also very important for us to work with in your clients’ budget. Did we mention that we have preferred rates with most of the local and regional establishments? Booking your trip with us will save you money and substantially increase your profit margins. Our excursions are fun and well thought out. During product development, we test each product to ensure that it meets set standards mainly focusing on uniqueness, safety and sustainability. We are actual foot soldiers with presence on the ground.


Why work With Gazelle?

Competitive Prices

We provide competitive prices because we believe that travel doesn’t have to run you bankrupt. Much as our services are superior, our prices are less than what others normally charge.

Safety & Trust

At the forefront of our trip planning, we place your safety. We understand that some travelers get their thrill from extreme adventure that is why we take every possible caution while planning.

COVID-19 Safety Measures

All our staff especially guides and Meet & Greet Teams are regularly tested. In addition we provide masks, wipes and sanitizer. See our COVID-19 Policy.

Expert & Multi lingual Travel Guides & Drivers

Please feel free to ask a language guide. All our guides speak English but some speak more languages like German, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Russian and Arabic


We deliver exactly what we promise and that is why our company continues to grow every year. We hold a public liability cover of up to 500,000 USD annually.

Privacy is Paramount

Please read our privacy policy and also feel free to request us not to share photos of your safari or even not taking any photos of you for personal reasons.

Our Gazelle Partners

Destination Management Services

We handle Free Independent Travelers (FIT), Families and small groups between 10-30 persons giving each of your clients a personalized touch. Gazelle Safaris Africa is big enough to specialize yet small enough to care therefore your clients will not be just a reservation number. As a DMC for East Africa destinations, the range of services we offer across our destinations include;

Some Reasons to Work With Us

Our Fleet

Our Safari vehicles are comfortable, fully registered and insured. These Toyota Land cruisers are customized for Safari and built for the rough terrain. They are 7 seater (extended) with a large leg-room, air-conditioning and fridge. Fall seats are fully reclining with seat pockets and individual charging ports. The cars have large panoramic windows and a pop up roof. Every passenger is guaranteed a window seat.

Personalized Service

Our courteous service personnel always pay attention to clients’ requirements, are flexible and able to solve problems as they may arise. We work within the clients’ budget but offering more value for less.

Round-The-Clock Advice and Support

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Security is the one of the most important aspects of your safari especially in Africa. We are very keen on this, and for that case in all our safaris especially in the wilderness we always have an armed ranger guide on board during game drives, primate treks and other wilderness excursions to ensure your safety. Our safari guides know all the corners of our destinations thus can easily avoid routes and places with security concerns. Do not stress out when your safari guide picks a phone call during a safari; he could probably be receiving security alert calls from his colleagues to avoid life-threatening surprises. We also make sure that the lodges we choose for our guests have safety boxes where to keep their valuables that they cannot move along with during some activities. For health security, our guests are insured (AMREF Flying Doctors) for evacuation to their entry airport for an onward repatriation back home after a fatal accident during an activity.

Great Guides

We provide multilingual decent safari guides and in addition to English speaking, we also have French, Spanish, Russian as well as Chinese speaking guides, to ensure that you do not miss any important detail of your safari. Our safari/city tour guides are local and fully knowledgeable about all our destinations, they are well trained specialists and can handle all challenges on the go in a friendly approach. They provide detailed information about all the activities and are very skilled in finding the best spot for; a sundowner, photography, picnics, where to see the rarely seen but sought-after animals and/or birds, as well as scenic routes.

Choice and Variety

Gazelle Safaris Africa is an expert providing lifetime memories at an affordable cost based on travelers’ style. All our guests will have their desires incorporated within a safari if time permits. We have a variety of safaris, excursions and activities for guests to choose from ranging from fishing safaris, gorillas and chimp trekking, mountain climbing, cultural trips and experiences, to beach holidays, day tours and excursions such as Kampala City Tour and Entebbe Eco Tour.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I book online?
Yes, you can book online. Please click on a book now or contact us button to fill in your details and we shall get in touch with you as soon as possible to complete your booking.
How can I pay for my booking?
We have various forms of payment You can pay by mobile money (MTN & Airtel) if you are based in Uganda. You can also pay by card by using Visa or MasterCard. Please note that card payments attract a surcharge of 4%. You can also pay by Bank Transfer. Please request our bank details.
Can I pay in installments?
Oh yes. You can now pay for your holiday in small manageable installments. Ask us for a payment plan at the time of booking.
Can you help with flight bookings?
We are an IATA agent and a preferred agent for major airlines. Most of our packages are inclusive of airfare. In case your package does not include a flight, we are more than happy to assist.
Do you help with Visa processing?
Yes, we provide visa advisory and assistance. We also help with visa processing for all group departures. Terms and conditions apply.

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All our holidays are uniquely designed for each of our clients. That’s because we can take you anywhere in Africa and create any experience you’d like. We’re not limited by fixed destinations, itineraries or hotels and we won’t restrict you by date or budget. Instead, you can dream big or small, and think far and wide or closer to home.

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